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Schweinwerfer 3

EUR 290,-

incl. 20% VAT, insured shipment to all EU-countries, receipt,

2 years warranty.

Order process

Please write me at Contact your wish: Quantity, which model, your full name and address.

I will reply if its on stock and send you my bank account details. You transfer the money and after shipment you will receive the tracking link.

This is not an automated commercial webshop. The website intends to introduce the Schweinwerfer. The sales contract starts only by acceptance by me via email to you.

Price Tip:

We manufacture in Wiener Neustadt, Austria in the Workshop For The Handicapped where the Schweinwerfer provides useful work for people with physical and/or mental disabilities who are willing to work. If your budget isn´t enough then buy it together with your companions. Each of you will only carry his own powerbank battery, you will have a good utilization and share the cost. If you only catch 5 boars you wouldn´t have without, the Schweinwerfer has already paid off itself.

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