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Operating Manual

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Operating Manual 2.3

Foot pedal or handset?

The footpedal is the specialized version as you can look through the scope, holding the rifle with both hands while dimming up to just the minimum light necessary to place a safe shot. Some love it that way.

But some don´t like carrying additional 1,2kg of weight. Therefore some leave it on the treestand for use. One should have enough sensitivity in his legs, many older hunters just don´t have that anymore. It is mandatory that the treestand has a flat bottom surface to operate the panel properly.

The Schweinwerfer with handset disappars in the top bag of my rucksack but I need one hand for dimming up the light and then concentrate on aiming. Most times you´ll have sufficient time to do so. Prowling or sitting on a highchair in a wheatfield is only possible with the handset.

The intensity is the same for both versions. If you are in doubt, I recommend the handset version as it is more versatile.

Can I use the Schweinwerfer with both the foot pedal and the handset?

Yes, you can use both alternatively for both Schweinwerfer 1 and 2. Keep in mind that a footpedal version has a 3m cable that might get in your way if you use the headset. If you know it right from the start that you will use both then choose a handset and add a separate foot pedal and ask me for a cable extension. Then you have the utmost of comfort and flexibility.

Schweinwerfer 1 or 2?

Model 1 has a fixed reflector with a beam that suits ranges between 30-80m well. Because of the LEDLENSER lamp, Model 2 is so strong that it can be used up to and over 200m on fields. Its variable reflector also allows for use on closer ranges. It is more versatile than Model 1.

Does Model 2 really use an original LEDLENSER lamp?

Yes, it is definitely a genuine LEDLENSER T7.2 red which I buy directly from the LEDLENSER GmbH in Solingen, Germany. I adapt parts of it for my purposes but the lighthead and reflector remain untouched. If you look into the reflector in switched off mode, you will see that it is a genuine lamp.

Can I also use my handset or foot pedal for the Schweinwerfer 2?

Yes, the handset and the footpedal work with both Schweinwerfer models.

Are other colours of light available?

Wild boar recognize red light the least and the hunter´s nightvision stays intact. Green and blue light are the colours where wild boar´s eyes have the highest sensitivity. White light is the most disturbing. That´s why there will never be different colours available. Read more from Mag.  Christopher Böck of OÖLJV: koennen_wildtiere_farbe_sehen

My riflescope has a red aimpoint. Will I be able to see it still?

Yes, that works fine. Maybe you will have to increase the intensity of the dot a little but usually not much.

What is the scope of delivery?

Scheinwerfer, ballhead, clamp, USB-Powerbank with Micro-USB-charging cable. Plus footpedal or handset.

Charge the Powerbank / battery: Why is no battery charger included?

The powerbank can be charged with any common USB-charger or USB port. Available in any household today, also in cars.

I´d like to use my own USB powerbank, is that possible?

Yes, if it delivers at least 1A current, whis is true for almost all on the market today. If possible, chose one without a powerbutton as you have to switch it on. Also shall the powerbank be able to deliver low currents and not switch off itself automatically. I can recommend some I have tested.

The Schweinwerfer shuts off at very low light settings after half a minute.

Modern powerbank batteries have a discharge protection. If you only drain littel current they think something is wrong and shut off. If you dim the Schweinwerfer so low that he just starts then he consumes too little current and the powerbank shuts off.

That does not hurt in reality as the lowest setting is too little to really light up the target area. It only looks so in closed rooms but not in the outdoors. So turn it up more than the minimum and you´ll be fine.

Do you offer other payment options?

No, only prepayments to my bank account. No PayPal.

What warranty is included?

You buy with two years warranty on all parts, except the powerbank battery. These are wear parts and rarely last past three years, but they cost only less than EUR 10. Ich can recommend some from Amazon & ebay that I have tested which you can buy directly there.

I broke a part,what shall I do?

Write the problem to me and I´ll send you an address where to send the part for repair. In most cases it will be repaired the same day it arrives and returned the next. 

What I do not replace are the powerbank batteries, see the warranty Q&A.

How wide is the clamp gap?

60mm. Should your treestand window parapet be thicker then mount a short thin plank inside or outside of the window to clamp the Schweinwerfer onto. Remember which side your window shall open!

I´d like to use my own clamp, is that possible?

The ballhead has a common camera thread of ¼ inch so that you can use any common camera fixture you can possibly think of. But do not mount it on your rifle as that woudl turn it into a forbidden weapon in Germany and Austria (as of September 2018)!

Forbidden weapon – nonsense! It is legal to mount lasers, torchlights on my pistol anytime, so why not onto a rifle?

Austria as of September 2018: A pistol is a short weapon and lights mounted to it are legal. But definitely not on a rifle! The moment you mount it onto a rifle, even a single-shot break-down, it turns into a forbidden weapon causing severe and expensive punishment up to a seizure of all your firearms!

I´d like to use a longer cable between my Scheinwerfer and the foot pedal, is that possible?

Yes, I have done that for customers, up to 13m works although with a slight loss of light intensity. Longer cables would be possible but I haven´t tested it yet. If you need a longer cable then write to me. I can build one for you or tell you how to do it yourself.

Where is hunting with the Schweinwerfer legal?

Please check your local country´s and region´s laws and comply to them strictly. As of September 2018: Lower Austria,  Saarland, Rheinland Pfalz, Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein.

Which USB batteries / powerbanks do you recommend?

Basically every common USB-Powerbank battery can be used. However, most now feature a low-discharge inhibitor that shuts off the power supply if you only consume very low currents. That happens if you turn on the Schweinwerfer only at a very low light intensity, after 10-20sec the powerbanks shut off.

That´s why I recommend a couple of models that are capable to deliver such low currents so that you can shine a continuous low level redlight.

Currently, I recommend the Logilink PA0085, Logilink PA0064, Logilink PA0156. All are available at Amazon, all are equally suitable. 

Make sure to check the capacity after receipt. Powerbanks can degenerate while lying on stock for a longer time.

It´s easy and goes like this:

Unwrap the powerbank and charge it fully.

Turn on the Schweinwerfer to its maximum intensity and use the powerbank with it for a full hour - if he still shows full light after an hour then the powerbank is ok. If not then have it replaced by the dealer. That´s why I recommend buying it at Amazon - no hassle with replacements and no mail charge.

On parallel, I am working on building my own powerbank that would be available at low cost.

Safety warning

Never ever look into the light beam! It is very bright and you could reduce your vision abilities, hurt your eyesight!


Do not dispose of the Schweinwerfer and its battery via your household wastebin but at an official wastesite as electronics waste (WEEE DE 67513613).

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